Photography by Kushla

Do you cater for larger weddings?

Yes, absolutely. I’m in the process of looking for an assistant and I also have a wonderful network of other stylists that can help me on the day.

What’s your process?

  1. Enquiry – you reach out (via the form on my website) to advise your wedding date, location, and who’s in your bridal party.
  2. Quote – once we’ve confirmed who’s getting their hair done and any travel costs, I’ll send you a quote for the booking. You have 7 days to accept the quote, which will generate an invoice for your deposit.
  3. Payment – once you accept my terms and conditions and pay the deposit (via credit card or direct banking), your date will be secured. Yay!
  4. Trail – a few months before your wedding, I’ll ask you to confirm your trial date at my studio in Tauranga. Here’s where you’ll have the chance to check out my hair accessories and talk me through the details of your dress, venue, colour palette and flowers. Before your trial, I’ll tell you how to prep your hair and will also ask you to send me some inspiration photos (please make sure you’re looking at photos of people with a similar hair colour!). I’ll then get to work, bringing your style to life and cutting and blending your extensions (if necessary). I’ll take some photos and write down our plan of attack for the day, which I’ll email through to you.
  5. Confirmation – I’ll touch base a week before the wedding to confirm your timings and address.
  6. Wedding day - I knock on your door bright and early, then set up the space and get to work on your first bridesmaid. Once everyone is dressed and looking beautiful, I’ll do final touch ups before putting in your veil in and assigning one bridesmaid to veil duty - it’s important one of them knows how to remove it without damaging the veil or your hair!
  7. Follow up – once you’re officially a ‘Mrs’, I’ll check in to see how your special day went. I’ll also ask you to share some photos with me, as I’d love to see how the day unfolded and also give my other brides-to-be some inspiration.

How long will it take to do my hair?

Depending on the complexity of the style and how much hair you have, styling can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

Do you provide hair extensions?

Yes, I rent hair extensions (which also require a bond). I’ll give you a prepaid courier bag to send them back in after the wedding. Once you send them back to me in good condition, I return the bond within five working days.

Do you travel? How far, and how much will it cost?

I’m fully mobile so yes – I can travel anywhere you need me to be! For bookings outside of Tauranga requiring driving time, it’s 79c per kilometre (which is the recommended IRD rate) plus $40 per hour of driving time. If flying is required, reasonable airfares and accommodation will also be required.

How do I prepare my hair for the trial/wedding day?

The night before the trial/wedding , please wash your hair with shampoo – twice – then condition it from the mid-lengths to the ends. Blow dry it smooth and please don’t tie it up in a top knot on your head. Leaving it out makes things much easier for me when it comes to styling!

Do I need a trial?

Yes – and this is why: a trial is your chance to try out your desired look so we can avoid any issues on your big day. The trial (which is done 1-2 months before your wedding) is a time for me to get to know you and your hair a little better, and for us to work out what products and accessories we need to achieve your dream hairstyle.

Will you come to me for the trial?

All trials are done at my home studio in Tauranga, but I can travel at your cost.

Can you do my makeup as well?

Not yet… One day soon I’ll be adding this service to my repertoire (watch this space!), but for now I’m fortunate to work with some incredible makeup artists across New Zealand that I’ll happily refer you to.

What happens if you’re sick on my wedding day – will I be left in the lurch?

Nope – not even two broken arms could keep me away! (Ok, so I could maybe manage with one broken arm, but two would be pushing it…) But in all seriousness, I’m the type of person who always has a contingency plan. So, in the unlikely event I’m very sick or dealing with a family emergency, I’ll get in touch with you (as soon as humanly possible) and organise a replacement from my network of trustworthy stylists.

Can you cut and colour my hair too?

Sorry, I’m not offering cut and colour services at the moment, but my experience as a hairdresser means I can give you sound advice and also recommended some fabulous local colourists.

I have a big wedding party – can I have a discount?

My prices are non-negotiable as they reflect my skills, expertise and commitment to your day. I never book two weddings on the same day which means I’m 100% dedicated to you and your bridal party. I hope my prices reassure you of the service you’re getting, backed by 20+ years of experience, training, upskilling and recognition.

The weather forecast for my wedding day looks crazy, should I be freaking out about my hair?

I’ll be looking at the weather as much as you in the lead up to your big day! If I know it’s going to be super humid, windy, wet or wild, I’ll adjust the products I use accordingly to ensure your style stays put and looks ah-mazing all day and night. Promise.

I’m having a second dress for my reception – can I get a second hairstyle to go with it?

Absolutely – in fact, more and more brides are choosing this option. Whether it’s an up-do for the ceremony then down for the reception (or vice versa), I can be there to help you make your second grand entrance. Prices for a second style will be quoted on application, so please get in touch for a chat.

What colours do your extensions come in?

Almost every colour you can imagine! And if I don’t have the right shade, I can most likely order it in for you.

I want to wear extensions – does it matter whether I’m having my hair up or down?

Nope – I can create long, natural-looking locks for you regardless of your chosen style.

Are all the images on your website and Instagram your own work?

Yes, so feel free to peruse my work and save any images you like for inspo!